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Coming April 1, 2022!

Pride and Prejudice X The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Miracles don’t come free and words are binding.

     The miracles he grants have a cursed edge, but he’s not the villain Sara expected. Still, she’s not exactly thrilled about being haunted by a snarky ghost with a flair for the dramatic and an obsession with Spanish soap operas.

     An enemies to lovers ghost story.

TW: language, mentions of alcoholism, death, abandonment, mentions of miscarriage/pregnancy

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Everlong AMZ Ebook-Recovered copy.jpg


Lily doesn’t remember her death, or even her reawakening, but she knows this: the sun is to be feared, words are her salvation, and—above all—the bench facing the playground is hers. She is the pin holding the hands of the clock, watching the world move and change around her while she remains fixed, lonely and unchanged... until a boy takes a seat beside her.

A slow burn, friends to lovers, contemporary paranormal romance that showcases found family, POC and LGBT characters, and a healthy dose of heartache.

Available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover

TW: language, death


Available March 31, 2022


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Reviews for Everlong

Here's a taste of what people are saying!

"This book is the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button of the Paranormal Romance genre... Even if you don't like the paranormal, the character building and connections would make this worth it for sweet romance readers."

K. Thomas, Author of Time to Wake


"A masterclass in how to build a story and a world that readers will care about, and the reason of my first 2AM stay-up-to-finish-the-book session in months, Everlong does not disappoint on any level and if this is only the freshmen outing for Raeta, I can’t wait to see what she does next!"

Jennifer deBie, Rosie's Review Team


"Beautifully told story about love, loss and self-discovery that captivates you completely. Add in the supernatural romance elements and it opens up another level. I highly enjoyed reading Everlong and look forward to reading more of the author’s work in the future."

Katie P. Roberson, Reader


"The characters were all well developed and easy to bond with. You find yourself immersed in their world, wanting so much for them. It was truly beautiful seeing how love triumphed and bloomed. I read close to 300 books a year and this one is now in my all time favorite category. I will read it again and again."

Kimberley Morehouse, Reader


"I dont quite have the words to articulate my feelings for this story but beautifully worded is an understatement and quickly one of my favorite books is still going strong after my second read through. There is so much to love about this world and the feelings that come through each word is something that this author has been able to do without trying for years. I've been a fan of this author and this story for years and, after reading this original story, will continue to be a fan!"


Auros Khai, Reader


"Quite simply one of the most heart achingly, beautifully written books which I have had the pleasure to read. This is 100% how it *should* be done."

Kenneth Baxter, Author of Circles and Stones


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