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"The Long View" by Mark Hurst (Book Review)

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Genre: Paranormal Horror

Book Description:

They say the Dead don't tell tales, but it depends on who's doing the listening......

Ever since Sophie Lydon was a little girl she's been able to speak with the dead, a gift she inherited from her late mother and grandmother. Now it's just Sophie and her dad, looking after her uncle and the family funeral business. She tries to carry on her mother's work, the tradition of guiding lost souls into the afterlife, but it's hard and sometimes scary without her mother's guidance.

And the latest crop of arrivals in the mortuary have something new to say, bringing her disturbing messages from the place between living and dying, the vast hinterland across which all souls must walk. The Long View.

A killer has been awoken in the town of High Towers, where Sophie lives. A killer with links to Sophie's past, a killer known to the voice of The Long View.

And it's coming for Sophie......

Welcome to THE LONG VIEW, a new tale of supernatural terror that will chill your blood....


The cover is what grabbed my interest, the prose is what held it. Haunting and beautiful in its descriptions—particularly those that are otherworldly. A fresh and imaginative take on what lies beyond and the dangers that try to tempt us one last time along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and pacing, and the ending took me by (pleasant) surprise.

There was a bit of “head hopping” that lead to some double takes at times and I think it could benefit from having a marker of some sort to help signal to the reader that the perspective is changing, but over all an incredible story that sticks with you and one I’m thrilled to have picked up.

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