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Magnolias and Lilies

A Deleted Scene from Everlong

“Did you know my full name’s Magnolia? My whole life, everyone’s always called me Maggie. Shoot, that’s how I introduce myself. But every now and then, I think about it. My mama named me Magnolia. Out of all the names in the world, she chose them big white flowers to name me after. And even though it don't quite roll off the tongue, I'm proud of that.” She looks at her, a soft smile teasing her mouth. “Magnolias and lilies. You and me? We make quite the team, don't we, Sugar?”

There are tears pricking at Lily’s eyes, a watery laugh ready to burst from her lips. She’s never believed in fate, but she’s starting to. Somewhere along the way, the grief she felt—the crippling bitterness—in regards to her life before Sam has waned. Lily thinks of how vehemently Sam insisted that the only family he needs is the one he has now. She didn't understand then, not fully.

She does now.

Sam has family in this city, both born and nurtured. She just never realized, until this moment, those same people are her family, too.

Maggie’s dark eyes are warm—knowing—and Lily feels the sudden epiphany sink into her skin and cradle her heart. “Yes, we do.”

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