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"A Curse of Hope and Shadows" by Katherine Macdonald (Book Review)

Genre: Fantasy Romance/Fairytale Retelling

Book Description:

You have sheared my home from me, Dimitri Von Mortimer. You have taken whatever feeling of safety I knew and twisted it around yourself.

But I cannot go back to you. I cannot.

Taking a job as a companion to a young lord afflicted by a horrifying curse, Adeline Elsing is initially met with anger and hostility. Unperturbed by his strange appearance and foul temper, she soon wins him over with her cheerful, no-nonsense attitude.

But as their feelings grow from friendship to something forbidden, they soon discover the curse is far from over...

And that hope is the most painful curse of all.

An emotional, slow-burn romance of forbidden love, unseen dangers, and the haunting hold of grief.


I was lucky enough to beta read this book and I’m so thrilled to have gotten an early look, because this is definitely a series I want on the shelf!

This book left my heart aching in the best of ways. Prepare yourself for slow burn, pining, and an onslaught of hurt/comfort. This is a character driven story, which means lots of depth and lots of development. All of which is *chef’s kiss*.

And the THEMES. Oh my lanta, the themes. Smiling through the pain, the shouldering of responsibilities life throws at you, and the burden of the resentment that comes with it… Complex themes that don't have any black and white, right or wrong answer, and they were all handled beautifully.

Overall, a beautiful read that has me eager for the next one!

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